About this month's artist-

Wildship Studio



1.   living in a state of nature; not tamed or domesticated


1.   indicating state or condition: fellowship

2.   indicating rank, office, or position: lordship

3.   indicating craft or skill: horsemanship ; workmanship ; scholarship

Wildship Studio is an illustration and design studio founded by BreeAnn Veenstra and based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Her illustrations and goods are designed especially for the animal-hugging and nature-loving spirit, so you can always explore a piece of the outdoors even when you're indoors.

BreeAnn is all about finding kinship between your fellow human, flower, and beast, and discovering those moments of unbridled beauty within us and around us. That is what she calls Wildship. She has curated a lovely selection of framed and unframed prints for her show.

Wildship Studio our featured artist for December.

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